Let's continue with the walking stick story about the adventures of Don Fairley and Joe Nicholson in Gabon.

Joe and Don return to the United States of America to raise money in the years of the Great Depression.

But Don and his wife need at least 5.000 $. They toured many churches across the country, telling the story of the walking stick of Chief Akumi. Unfortunately, the total given come to 2.000 $. Only two weeks were remaining to get all the money.

One day, Don arrived to the Gospel Tabernacle in Omaha to tell the story of Chief Akumi's walking stick. When William Christie, missionary statesman listened that words, he appealed to the people congregate so passionately, and they began to cry. When the plates were passed, the total was more than 3.000 $.

Don returned to Gabon, but first, he adds a one-inch band of silver in the walking stick. Then, Chief Akumi grabbed his hands and jumped down and up, shouting to his people and laughing.

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