Parts of a pipe

A pipe consists of an object composed with three different parts:

  • First, you can find the bowl, where the combustion takes places.

  • Second, there is a cannula. This is the tube to communicate the bowl with the nozzle.

  • Finally, in third place, you find the yet named nozzle, where the smoke is absorbed by mouth.

Material to manufacture a great pipe

Historically, a lot of materials are available to manufacture a great pipe, but let see some of the more commons:

  • First, heather is a very common material you can find in pipes around the world and in different cultures and countries.

  • Second, the meerschaum is typically found in coastal locations.

  • Third, other materials more or less commons like cherry wood, porcelain, glass, hard rubber, acrylic or porcelain.

And now, a marvelous pipe included in a collapsible cane made in elegant heather stamina wood is at your fingertips. The greatest opportunity to purchase both objects in one unity.