If you are searching for a good and elegant walking stick, you need a cane with magnificent mongoy wood. But, what and where can you find that timber?

Information about mongoy wood

Mongoy is the commercial name of a tree original from Africa. It's also known as Amazakoué or Ovengkol, but the correct botanical apellation is Guibourtia ehie.

The colour of the trees is between grey and yellowish brown, with blackish gray streaks. It is a heavy log, a very hard material.

The mongoy wood is very appreciated in the world. It is found in the Central West form Africa and is very difficult to get it. This singularity made the mongoy canes the favourites for the elegant gentlemen.

Our excellent mongoy canes

Now, gratefully for The Walking Stick Company, you can obtain beautiful canes with handle and shaft with mongoy wood, minimalist and precious decorations with great charmed and perfect tasted made and silver ring.

Is an honour for us to present this staffs made with great detail and good taste for the elegant man of today.

The classical stick in your hand may be a cane with magnificent mongoy wood.