The Walking Stick Company
The latest design for comfort, elegance and style

The Walking Stick Company is a dedicated business to manufacturing and distributing all types of walking sticks, canes and poles:
ride, deadbolts, hiking, decoration and collectors,
thus covering the needs of wholesalers and consumers.

About us

Recent posts

A cane designed by Joan Miró

Can you imagine yourself with a cane designed by Joan Miró in your hand as a distinguished gentleman with exquisite taste?
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A cane with magnificent mongoy wood

If you are searching for a good and elegant walking stick, you need a cane with magnificent mongoy wood. But, what and where can you find that timber?
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A pipe inside a cane?

Are you a gentleman who enjoying smoking? You need a pipe inside a cane? And be sure that this object exists and isn't a joke. Now, you can purchase an elegant collapsible staff with a heather pipe made in beautiful heather stamina wood.
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A walking stick story. Second Part

Let's continue with the walking stick story about the adventures of Don Fairley and Joe Nicholson in Gabon.
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